Mother's Day Surprise

Last Friday night, after we went exploring in Nashville, Chad and I began the 12+ hour journey to our hometown in Minnesota. Our goal was to be there by Saturday night, so we could surprise our moms for Mother's Day!


We left Nash around 8 pm, drove until Midnight, then slept in the car at a gas station in Kentucky. A little after 6 am we hit the road again, briefly stopping in St. Louis to visit the Gateway Arch. I think we got into Faribault...well, when did we get into Faribault? Sometime after supper on Saturday evening. It was still light out, I remember that much.


Watch the video below to see if we succeeded in surprising our moms!

Awesome, right?! Chad's mom was definitely NOT expecting us! 


My mom...well, she says she didn't know we were coming, but I think she knew something was up. Her reaction was more like "Oh, you're here?," than "OH MY GOODNESS, YOU'RE HERE!" So we didn't include it in the video. Waa, waa.


Anyway. We were able to see a lot of our family on Sunday, which was awesome! Except for Chad's parents and his three younger sisters, we hadn't seen any of our family since we moved to Tennessee. 


My nieces and nephew are getting so big! Ugh.


On Monday, we spent more time with family, then hit up Bluebird Cakery. Two words: gluten-free cupcakes.


If you're ever in the area, check out Bluebird! It's pretty much the best bakery in Southeastern Minnesota. I really haven't sampled any others--but I'm sure it's the best. ;)


So after grabbing some coffee (they also have AMAZING coffee) and snacks, we headed up to the cities for a while to run some errands. You may see the fruit of one of those errands in a later video!


(For those of you who don't know, "the cities" is what we Minnesotans call the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. There. You just learned something new. Feel accomplished? You should!)


After running around all day, Chad and I were pretty tired, but we still started the drive back to TN that night. We had to be back by Tuesday night so Chad could be rested for work on Wednesday, and the drive from Minnesota is much easier if it's broken up over a couple days.


That brings me to the end of our fast-paced tale. Hope you enjoyed!