Welcome to the Journey!

Yeah, I know, some of you have been here for a while. But changes are happening!


As you can see, we've come up with some new branding that we're finally satisfied with. This might be the third...fourth? Logo that we've been through since starting our YouTube channel last fall. That's minus all the sketches and brainstorms on Starbucks napkins that you haven't seen!


Anyway, thanks for being here! We hope you stick around, because we're excited of all there is in store for Our Debt Free Journey. 


...Which might sound crazy, because right now what we’ve created doesn’t look like much. We don’t have the fancy equipment, thousands of followers or book deals that so many people use to define success. But we do have a story.


Where we’re at right now is hard (and flat broke :P ), but where we are isn’t where we’re going. Chad and I can feel our journey gaining momentum, even if it’s sometimes difficult to see.


So, if you're new here, follow us! If you are, or have ever been: broke, in debt or defeated by how your situation seems to stop your dreams—follow our journey! If you love to travel, or have dreamed of it—follow our journey! If you’ve always felt that there must be more to life than what you’re experiencing right now—follow our journey!


Follow our journey so we can share with you all of the joy, light and love there is to be had in life—no matter our circumstances, what we’ve done, or how incapable we think we are.


Oh, and enjoy our brand spanking new channel trailer! (We're kind of excited about it. Just a little.)