RV Remodel | Framing in the Bathroom

Things are getting real, people! We started framing in the bathroom and entryway closet this past week. Our giant fort is beginning to look like a home!


The original layout of our RV had a closet and bathroom in the same area we're building them in. But since we don't have to make room for a water heater, we've had the freedom to play around with the design. We expanded the layout of the bathroom, opting for a smaller closet space. 


There will be just enough room in the bathroom for our composting toilet, a medium-sized sink and some shelves. We're opting out of installing a shower in order to save on space, and are considering having an exterior solar shower instead. We'll see!


Once we figured out what was going where, Chad started framing things in with the 2x4's we brought all the way from Minnesota. 

Part 2 of this project is in production! We need to get those lath boards so we (i.e. Chad) can finish the framing. I'm so excited to get all of this done so we can put up the pallet board walls and have a BATHROOM! That will mean no more trips to the community restroom in the middle of the night. Hallelujah!