RV Living | Storage Unit Clean Out

Even after all of the purging we've done over the past year, Chad and I still have too much stuff. It all fits into the RV, and we can feasibly live in it that way, but there's no way we can both have all of our stuff in the RV and renovate it at the same time.  That's why we rented a storage unit once we got to Tennessee.


It's been nice having most of our stuff out of the way in storage. The RV has been feeling pretty spacious! We haven't been able to do any more renovating yet, but just the fact that we haven't had to deal with our stuff being jam-packed everywhere has been a source for much joy.


Well, the lease on our storage unit was up on Thursday, and we weren't able to renew. Even if we were able, Chad didn't want to, because we're on a waiting list for a much cheaper unit closer to where we're living.


So Thursday morning came, and we headed to our storage unit to clean it out. Check it out in the video below!

I'm going to admit that I did panic a little at first, especially once we had everything shoved into the RV. I thought we'd end up sleeping amid piles of stuff! 


Once I started organizing it all that night, though, I was able to make it work. Shelves help. A lot! As you saw in the video, the back room still looks cluttered, but I was able to contain it all there, and return our bedroom/office/dining & living area to its former glory.


It will be fantastic when we can get everything back into storage, but this experience has opened our eyes to how much we can still get rid of. We haven't been using any of the stuff that was in storage for the past month, or most of the things that were sitting in bins in the back of the RV. If we're not using it, why do we need to keep it?


Time for a yard sale!


What do you think of this purging of stuff? Have you ever tried it? How did you decide what to keep, and what to get rid of?