RV Road Trip: Moving from Minnesota to Tennessee | Part 2

Continued from RV Road Trip: Moving from Minnesota to Tennessee | Part 1


On the morning of January 16th, we got into Missouri. Chad accidentally locked the keys in the RV at a gas station in Bowling Green, where we ended up calling locksmith Chad—yes, another Chad!



Shortly after that fiasco (and making a second set of keys), my Chad figured out that he could get Gloria’s tank to fill up if he jacked up the back end. So he has to do that every. single. time. he puts gas in the RV.


Then, while filling up the RV yet again in Illinois, two women practically insisted that he go to an ATM to get them some money.


It just wasn’t his day.


Unbeknownst to me, Chad was pretty stressed out by the time we hit Kentucky. All I had to worry about was keeping up with the RV’s speed of 65mph (so fast, like lightening!), and what kind of music I was going to listen to next.


While Chad gritted his teeth, worrying if the RV would even make it to Tennessee, I was in la-la land singing along to Jesus Culture’s new album, and wondering where and when we would be able to shower. (So we would be presentable for church the next morning!)


He solved my one and only concern by suggesting—over walkie talkie—that we spend the night in a hotel. Hooray!


It was after 2am when we stopped for the night in Kuttawa, Kentucky. We were only a couple of hours from our final destination of Mount Juliet, TN, but neither of us were up for more driving. We collapsed in bed, instantly unconscious until our blaring alarm went off the next morning.


The two hours to Mount Juliet went by without a hitch, and we arrived at church, freshly showered and just in time to serve as greeters. (I had signed us up for that a couple weeks before, thinking we would actually leave on the 8th, as planned. Hah!)


I don’t think I need to tell you how happy we were to finally be in Mount Juliet. The drive between Minnesota and Tennessee that usually takes us around 14 hours to complete had lasted 43 ½ hours. Yowza!


When church was over, Chad and I returned to the car and sat quietly for a while, letting the Honda’s working heat roll over us. The last year had been filled with dreaming, planning, and preparing for this move. We had survived an RV demo, begun a remodel, and just gotten through a road trip that felt like it would never end.


We turned to each other, and I wondered aloud what we both were thinking: “Now What?”


...But anyway, you should check out the video below.

After that crazy long trip, we were absolutely ecstatic when we finally parked at the KOA! We would have dropped into a deep sleep on the spot, but our stomachs were going ballistic with hunger.


So we went to O'Charley's to stuff our faces, then back to the RV for a rest. I'm pretty sure we were unconscious until almost Noon the next day.  

Chad Loves Bread from O'Charley's
Chad enjoying O'Charley's Strawberry Lemonade and complimentary bread - two of his favorite things right now.

So that's it, folks--we're finally in Mount Juliet. Thank you so much for taking the time to follow Our Debt Free Journey! Be sure to share our posts and videos on social media (if you feel so inclined), and stick around for the Tennessee edition of our RV remodel. Not to mention all the other adventures we'll encounter on this road we're traveling.


Love y'all! (Practicing my new accent ;)